Love is Relentless

August 22, 2011

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Day by day, clearing away the ego attachments and revealing the pristine awareness hidden underneath all that mental clutter, has been quite a trip! What I slowly began to realize was that the “answer” I was looking for was not in a book, or a class or a seminar. It wasn’t in some teacher, their talk or their book. My answered prayer was in my moment to moment ability to commit to choosing Love at every turn.

Love is relentless. The intensity of my prayers watered the seeds of pristine awareness within my heart. Unconditional, unprecedented Love began to spread its roots throughout my whole being and I began to see and feel that the teacher was waiting patiently for me to “Partner UP!” The teacher was my own holiness.
I discovered for myself that my little willingness to see with eyes of Love and hear with ears of Love was the key that opened the door to profound understanding. Little by little I was willing to accept the fact that I was the One I’d been looking for. My Higher Holy Spirit Self was waiting for the moments when I would wake up and realize that heaven truly is at hand, always.

Love is relentless and so am I.
I represent the Christ Consciousness in my own precious life.


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