Love is the Answer

August 26, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Spiritual Healing!:

Right now, so many people are awakening to realize they are spiritual
beings facilitating a human experience. We are discovering that we are not
victims of circumstances. We are realizing the book of ultimate truth is
written into our very heart. No one has THE ANSWER for us. Only THE ONE
has the answer, and it’s already here, in our hearts, and in our joining

How wonderful to stop looking outside and to finally look inside, in the
one and only place where we can actually find what we’re looking for –
connection to the perfect Love that we are.

Spiritual healing is an inside job. The way in is the way out of the dream
of separation. We learn to thank God that our every thought produces form
at some level. We thank God that form that is produced by our thoughts is
our experience. That form is how we feel. We are the thinker of our
thoughts and we can remember our true identity as Love. We choose Love.

I thank God for being God.


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