Mining Your Heart of Gold

August 23, 2011

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Once I began to have a profound connection with my guides and angels, I began to realize so many of the things that Lorna talks about in her books.

When I journal and write my Spiritual Espresso Blog, when I’m in contemplative meditation and reading – when I’m particularly open to insight – that’s when the angels answer my questions with such clarity and give me ideas.

I often feel that it’s like they are assisting me in watering the seeds of pristine awareness – think of fast motion footage of a seed germinating, taking root in my heart and then blooming, flowering up into my awareness.

I’ve learned to always be so intentional about my writing, prayer and meditation times. The more intentional I am the clearer the messages I receive, the deeper the healing, the more brilliant those precious flowers of unfolding insight.

This is precisely why we write and journal, this is why we read books – to activate those seeds, not to collect information – we already know everything that is known – it’s about remembering. It’s about being willing to remember.

Every day as I write, I discover more hidden gems. They are not out there in someone else’s life, they are within the Kingdom of the heart.

Your heart is a goldmine. Be a miner!

I have inherited the Kingdom! I celebrate my divinity!


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  1. thank u for your words of wisdom and love.
    i look forward to reading and finding treasures that continue to nourish my soul while on my journey.
    much love to you.

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