One With THE ONE

August 14, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Unity!:

Our spiritual walk is never NOT about surrender. The good news is that the ONLY thing we have to surrender in order to be happy is the ways in which we choose to energize separation – We only have to surrender our opinions, our judgments, our attack thoughts – because these are the tools of separation. These are the weapons of fear and destruction.

When we give up choosing to see ourselves as separate from each other and when we give up choosing to see ourselves as separate from our Creator, then there is nothing left to block our happiness. Joy is our natural state. In order to return to your own pristine awareness of just how wonderful life is you must actively choose to release the need to separate. When you do then you will no longer feel separate, your natural joy and happiness will reveal itself – it’s been there all along! It’s there right now for you to choose!

I live as the Christ Consciousness, demonstrating Love in all that I AM.


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