Seeing With Eyes of Love

August 30, 2011

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It’s been such a journey for me to realize that all that I was seeing, feeling and experiencing was a projection of my own opinions, judgments and thoughts. I made a conscious decision that I really was interested in seeing the truth and not my interpretation of the truth. I learned that you’ll see it when you believe it – you’ll see Love when you believe in Love.

Today, I take the time to observe any area of my life where I have suffered. I observe with the intention of discovering what is being revealed to me. Knowing that there is a blessing in every moment, I seek to develop a discipline of observing fully and receiving the blessing. In this way I discover the blessings that abound in my life and I then can share the blessings with my brothers and sisters. Through my mindful observation I bring myself into the present moment where love abounds. I am learning to see with the eyes of Love. My daily practice of nonviolence deepens and so do I.

In CARE OF THE SOUL, Thomas Moore writes, “The basic intention in any caring, physical or psychological, is to alleviate suffering. But in relation to the symptom itself, observance means first of all listening and looking carefully at what is being revealed in the suffering. An intent to heal can get in the way of seeing. By doing less, more is accomplished. … It is not easy to observe closely, to take the time and to make the subtle moves that allow the soul to reveal itself further.”

Learning to see correctly isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. It’s worth everything you have to go through to get there. And if you’re really willing it’s soooooooo much easier.

Today I see with eyes of Love. I AM Love.


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