Staying In The Divine Flow

August 6, 2011

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If my life isn’t all I want then one of the areas I can concentrate on is my capacity to receive. I am far less receptive to the good of God when I’m in judgment. It’s not possible for me to simultaneously be in judgment and fully receptive to good. It’s not possible for me to be open and receptive to the Divine flow while harboring unforgiveness. If I’m busy taking offense, if I’m running over and over in my mind a list of resentments, how can I possibly be truly available to the ever-flowing goodness that is all around me?

Being receptive means having an open mind and an open heart. I use the image of my hands outstretched open to receive to remind myself of the way I want to be. When I’m in unforgiveness, resentment and judgment then I’ve moved into a closed posture, arms crossed, fists clenched. It’s my choice how I want to be.

When I feel hurt it can be a real challenge to get off the resentment, the unforgiveness. That’s when my practice of gratitude becomes my best friend. Because I have a practice of praising and giving thanks, If I feel myself closing down I anchor into gratitude to open myself back up to the flow of good. I start with giving thanks for my awareness that I’m feeling closed. If I didn’t have that basic awareness I’d feel like a victim with no way out. I let my feelings of discomfort be the alarm clock that reminds me to wake up and choose dominion. When I give thanks my vibration begins to shift. I give thanks that I can breathe easily, that I can smile, that I can have dominion over my thoughts if I choose it. Immediately I am more receptive.

Today I give up all forms of resistance and become profoundly receptive. The first step is to employ a simple practice of gratitude to lift my awareness so that I may choose forgiveness and open my heart. I am receptive once again. Today I live to feel the good flowing in my life. Today I take a giant step towards authentic masterful living. This is true freedom. This is what I am choosing today. Today I change the world with an example of receptivity and willingness. I choose gratitude. I choose forgiveness. I choose freedom. I choose to be receptive to the flow of Divine Goodness in all areas of my life.

I AM receptive to the all good of God!

I choose Love and Love chooses me!


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