Trade Feel-full-ment For True Fulfillment

August 8, 2011

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You must choose love for yourself and stay committed and devoted. You must relinquish your opinions and judgments. No one can do this for you. The secret is not in one more book or class or retreat. The key is in simply living it. Really living it. Invest yourself in the tools, the practices, the friends, the prayer partners, the community that will walk the talk with you, and alongside you. Invest yourself in discovering the joy that lies in a committed devotion, in those prayer partnerships, sacred circles and practices.

The rocket fuel is the deep desire of your heart. When you desire this connection with spirit, this pure love and grace MORE than anything else then you will open the door to the Kingdom. No one can do this for you. Here lies your salvation waiting for you to simply say yes to the deep desire of your heart. Seek first the Kingdom, which is within your heart, and all else you most desire will be added unto you.

You can bring the end of wanting and never having.
You can bring the end of seeking and never finding.

You must have the courage to give up what you think you want, in exchange for the fulfillment of the deep desire of your heart. You cannot ride two horses in two directions and arrive at the Kingdom. The way in, IS the way out. Everything you need will be provided the minute you choose faith in Love instead of wanting in the world. Be wholehearted. Do not waiver.

I AM wholehearted for Love.


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  • its so true the deep desire of my heart is simply to do right by others and it comes back to be, simple by my friends just by helping me out when I need them straight and forward isn’t love grand.

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