Tuning in, tuning UP!

August 3, 2011

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I have prayed and prayed and PRAYED to follow Divine Guidance when I receive it. I’ve always been intuitive, but as the years have gone by I’ve gotten profoundly more intuitive. The less I entertain judgments, opinions and attack thoughts, the more clear I am. It’s so helpful to tune into the clear light of truth.  The ego always leads to more suffering.  Divine guidance is always flowing in the direction of more Love, more peace, and more joy.

Inspiration is always available and I’m so grateful for it.  Any blockage you’re experiencing is an inside job. Even though the flow Divine Insight is always happening, I used to do something that was so frustrating for myself. I used to pray for guidance and then ignore it or discount it because I didn’t like it.  UGH!

Ignoring inspiration was one of the most egotistical patterns I’ve noticed in myself. I have to laugh at myself. It’s so crazy to think that I can hear so clearly divine guidance and inspiration and still choose to ignore it because I don’t FEEL like it. Isn’t that just how the ego can be? On a certain level this is the biggest challenge that we have in life.  We say we want more flow, more love, more good and then we block the guidance or ignore it when ti comes.  Sigh.

I’m retraining my mind to choose love at every turn.  It’s working.  Join me!  Seek the Kingdom first, above all else.

I choose Love and Love chooses me!


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