Faith Walk

September 19, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Clarity!:

Through my studies and my spiritual practice, I’ve come to know that I truly am one with the infinite, supported and surrounded by love. I can never leave this place of security except within my own mind. My faith is evidence of that within me which knows the fundamental truth of life: I am a spiritual being; all is spiritual substance and always will be. God is constant AS ME. With faith all things are possible.

I believe that because we are all “born of the spirit,” there is that within each of us that has an unshakable faith. To find it, you must be the one who has “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Today let your practice of Love be a faith walk. Look for evidence of the unseen Intelligence that is your very life. Be grateful. Be constantly devoted to the One who is devoted to YOU!

I walk in faith, trusting in God, revealing Love.


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