Generosity of The Spirit

September 21, 2011

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I used to have a skewed idea of generosity. I thought being generous mostly had to do with things material. I thought I was generous if I was a big giver. I came to a place in my life where I discovered that I wasn’t always giving from a place of true generosity, but instead from a place of lack within my own self. I found that sometimes I was giving out of a need for reassurance, a need to be liked, to be appreciated, a need to be seen or felt and so I wasn’t really being generous at all.

True generosity comes from the spirit, from the heart and never the head. True generosity isn’t a calculated expression that has to do with keeping score or getting something in return. Giving to get is not generosity. Once I learned this I began to see that when I am generous of with love and with my time and energy then I’m giving what most people really would like to receive. Even people who feel destitute and seem to need money badly still benefit from love, patience, recognition and encouragement FAR more than mere money. The destitute can tell us that the heart can die of starvation while the body continues.

My soul yearns to be generous. Today I practice nonviolence by being generous with my heart and my spirit. I think well of the folks I meet and let them know it. I’m generous with my smiles and my compliments. I am generous with my patience and my kindness. I cultivate a practice of generosity by making plans for sharing my time, energy as well as material resources with those in real need. Every day, in the smallest of ways, my generosity has a nourishing affect on those around me. In this way my daily actions I contribute to the love that moves us all in a direction of peace.

I AM generous and loving.


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