No Offense

September 27, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Patience!:

I used to think it was part of my job as a human being to take offense. I used to take offense at everything. I think, somehow in my mind, I thought that if I took offense at everything I didn’t like it would somehow keep it from happening to me again. Wrong!

I’m so grateful that I gave up the habit of taking offense. Now, when I feel that energy rising I put my hand on my heart and take deep breaths. I am honoring my feelings and giving myself a chance to remember my commitment to Love.

Because of this spiritual practice I am a MUCH happier person and I feel much better about myself. Being able to stay loving in stressful situations is a a real self-esteem builder. Why? Because I’m not making myself a victim. I”m not feeling agitated and upset. Instead, I”m honoring my commitments. Wow! It’s such a joy to know that I am committed to walking my talk!

Join me today as I interview Ken Wapnick on my new radio showclick here for details Radio show links are toward the bottom of the events page.

God is good. My life is good. My life is the good of God revealing itself to me in every moment. I AM grateful!


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