Accepting The Challenge

October 15, 2011

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Dissolving the ego attachments isn’t easy. It’s our life’s work and it’s very challenging. I’ve trained my mind not to think of it as hard and instead think of it as challenging.

When I was growing up, my wonderful parents encouraged me to believe that I could accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. I’m so grateful they taught me that. I can also tell you that my grandparents went through lots of really hard times when they were children and as adults. My great great grandparents came from Ireland during the potato famine – a desperate time for my ancestors.

One of the beliefs I inherited from my ancestors is this idea that “things will be hard, but you can overcome it.” My grandfather was a salesman. He started out by selling vacuum cleaners door to door when he was a teenager. He ultimately rose to be the District Sales Manager and did very well, but you can imagine how tough he had to be. He had a 6th grade education and was out on his own making his way in the world at age 11. He used to say “struggle makes you strong.” And, of course, that can be true.

Adversity can lead to our character development. Our struggles can be like the fire in the forge that supports us in burning off the petty attachments, behaviors and beliefs that keep us stuck in limitation. Just like lifting weight at the gym helps us to become strong of body, throwing off the weight of our limiting beliefs makes our mind strong and firm.

I’ve learned that life is, and will always be, an endless series of challenges. The challenge is in whether or not I will insist on seeing things through the lens of my history or whether I will open my heart to see through the lens of the Divine. Sometimes it’s not easy. However, there’s nothing in the script that says it has to be hard.

There’s a big difference in thinking that life is full of challenges and thinking that life is hard. I used to think life was hard. I used to think that life was against me. I used to think it was a dog eat dog world and I was tired of eating dog. I was tired of always being afraid some dog would try and eat me. I couldn’t stand it. I literally COULD NOT STAND IT. So, I decided there must be a better way and I was willing to open my mind to a new vision.

I traded in the fantasy of a life of success, fame and fortune for a vision of true peace, grace and ease – a life of Love. It’s not been easy. It’s challenging every day, and it’s not hard very often anymore. I’m not willing to see it that way anymore and so I don’t experience it that way anymore.

That’s what this week’s classes in Living A Course in Miracles are about. We’re building on the foundation we created in Week 1 with Gary Renard and our forgiveness classes, and week 2 with our work on building trust and faith. These pieces all fit together. I’m really seeing that today as I write this. Following Diving Guidance is what I’m doing in leading this class. It’s really beautiful to see how things work together for our good.

To access the replays of this week classes and enjoy your 48 hour f^ree replay as our gift click here.

I’m willing to be spiritually mature enough to take responsibility for every thought I think. I choose Love!

Free Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class

We’re off to a wonderful start with this Tele-class! I am thrilled! You can listen to every single one of these classes for 48 hours afterward, at no charge, on the internet. This coming week we have two classes on Finding God’s Good in Your Finances. Lots more good to come! I’ve gathered 7 other great teachers to join me. Our class is 8 weeks – 8 teachers – one goal: Peace. The entire class is our gift to you and there’s no charge at all. If you’d like to join us take a moment to register here: Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class


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  • Greetings.
    Several of my patients will pause and thoughtfully ask, “Who takes care of you?” Their question truly vibrates love.
    Let me ask, “Who takes care of YOU?” I ask as I joyfully accept reciprocity as I fully appreciate your language, your focus, your love, guidance, t i m e (ha), effort, and effect.
    Please know … I appreciate you.
    Thank you, Jennifer. (‘hope you get this as I won’t do facebook)>
    One Spirit- in wellness,
    Cathy, the Good Doctor

  • Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for offering the free classes with other Course teachers. It is very inspiring and your teaching on love and bringing it into daily life is so needed. I am inspired by your work and teaching!
    I am in my 81st year and have been studying the Course for over four years and have found it a very practical and inspiring work. I use it a lot when people attend my retreat. Every day I spend several minutes tuning into all my brothers and sisters throughout this planet and knowing the Oneness in all of them. This is so uplifting.

    Love to you!

    Naomi Palmer

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