Don’t Reject Your Answered Prayer!

October 4, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Receiving the Answered Prayer!:

What if you’re a very opinionated, judgmental person who has a habit of taking offense and writing people off at the drop of a hat? If you prayed to be more compassionate, loving and patient, what your answered prayer be?

  • Would your answered prayer be that you magically woke up one day and were transformed into someone who has the patience of a saint? Doubtful.
  • Would your answered prayer be that you learned about an 8 week tele-class that could support you in staying on track with your intention? Maybe.
  • Would your answered prayer be that you you fall madly in love with someone you have SO many opinions about?
  • Would it be that new boss who gets on your last nerve every single day?
  • Would it be something that forced you to look at just HOW judgmental you really are, all day long?
  • Would it be a sudden car accident that left you temporarily crippled so that you had to rely on other people’s patience and kindness, whereby you learned what true patience really looks like?

I realized that my answered prayer came through the most intense challenges that I experienced. My answered prayer to be unconditionally loving, profoundly patient and compassionate came through the experience of feeling like I was ready to go postal with 50% of the people in my life and then shoot myself just to make it all be over. Or something like that. I saw that I had 4 choices:

  • I could throw myself under a bus
  • I could become a drug addict
  • I could suffer the rest of my life


  • I could learn to be truly loving and compassionate.

Having had so many years of suffering already under my belt I decided to try something new. I tried acceptance. I tried allowing God to show me. I let myself learn to take some deep breaths, Partner UP, and then see how loving I could be in that moment. Once I got out of the habit of trying to do everything on my own, life became SO much easier.

I’m grateful for the challenges that are my answered prayer. I’m a learner. Learning is challenging. I’m going for it. How about you?

I’m going for it and I’m going with God!

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