Finding Buried Treasure

October 18, 2011

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In the first Living A Course in Miracles 8 week class I got so many emails from people asking us to have a focus for one of the weeks on finances and abundances. Well, I’m answering that call with this week’s classes. I’m very excited to open this topic up. There are so many false beliefs about money, abundance and prosperity. For some spiritual seekers their finances is a place where they can get really hung up by the ego. Our intention this week is to bring some clarity. Clarity brings peace. A peaceful mind is open to the flow of good. When thoughts of scarcity and superstition dissolve, abundance reveals itself.

ACIM teaches us to “Ask and it shall be given you, because it has already been given.” The Kingdom is within. It’s pre-installed. If we’re looking outside ourselves for the good then we’ve forgotten our true fortune. When what we think we want lies in the world of effects then we’ll overlook the riches that lie within. One of my favorite quotes from ACIM is “Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also.” So often people think their treasure is somewhere else and they suffer until they’re willing to let that belief go. Have you ever had a financial loss that made you think someone else had your treasure?

All 16 classes of this 8 week offering are designed to support us in remembering where our treasure lies and to look for it where we can find it. For some folks the ego has our attention when it comes to our relationships, for others it’s health, for some it’s finances. One is not better or worse than the other. Being wealthy is not a sign of spiritual success just as poor health is not a sign of spiritual sickness. EVERYTHING is an opportunity for us to remember that we have already been given the treasure.

What we’re remembering, each and every week in these classes, is how to awaken to the Kingdom within. We’re receiving practical tips and tools that assist us in finding the way out of the muck and mire of ego confusion and despair and into the light of our Divinity. According to your emails, healing is happening all over the world and you’re sharing with your family, friends and study groups. Thank you!

As one is lifted, all are lifted because we are joined – all boats rise on this Holy tide of Love.

This week in Living A Course in Miracles our guest teacher is Reverend Karen Russo, author of The Money Keys. Reverend Karen Russo and I went through our Practitioner training and Ministerial training at Agape and the Holmes Institute together. We’ve held each other in prayer for many years as we learned to walk this talk and we’re still doing that.

Rev. Karen is a beautiful teacher with much to share from her own personal journey. She is an inspiration to many and an expert in her area. We’re going to bring the healing power of truth to our finances this week and set ourselves free from the patterns of fear and grasping that are so common.

I am willing to access the wealth within and share the benefits with everyone!

Free Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class

We’re off to a wonderful start with this Tele-class! I am thrilled! You can listen to every single one of these classes for 48 hours afterward, at no charge, on the internet. This week we have two classes on Finding God’s Good in Your Finances. Lots more good to come! I’ve gathered 7 other great teachers to join me. Our class is 8 weeks – 8 teachers – one goal: Peace. The entire class is our gift to you and there’s no charge at all. If you’d like to join us take a moment to register here: Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class


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