Healing Happens!

October 27, 2011

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One of the hardest things for me to change was the pattern of affirming what I didn’t want. It always became most apparent to me if I felt physically ill. When I would get a cold or flu I’d find myself saying over and over again: I’m miserable. I feel horrible. This is awful. I hate this.

Basically, when I wasn’t feeling well it would become a litany of negative affirmations. Finally, one day I realized that I was perpetuating my discomfort by focusing on it and affirming it with these statements. I started to train my mind to think these thoughts instead: I’m willing to leave this behind. Healing is happening right now. I’m available for my healing. Before I know it I’ll feel better. I’m grateful this is passing easily and quickly.

We get to choose what we think. No one can make us think anything. It’s not easy, but we really can change our minds! It’s worth it.

Healing does happen!!

Healing is happening in my life NOW!


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