Hoard No More!

October 24, 2011

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WOW! Last week’s classes with Living A Course in Miracles were so potent. I can really feel the depth of the healing that people are having – me included. I encourage you to be sure to listen to both classes at least once. I’ve gotten such a good response from people – let’s all get the maximum healing from them!

One of the things I shared in the Homework Class was about hoarding. This was such a valuable lesson for me. In my deepening spiritual practice I realized that holding onto lots of stuff that I didn’t need wasn’t serving me. If I’m holding onto a bunch of old clothes that I don’t wear and probably won’t wear, just because they cost me money or just because they might fit me again or some other half-baked reason – then I’m actually preparing for a future of lack.

Because I come from people who were once very poor, who survived the depression and really terrifying poverty, I sometimes notice a strong feeling of holding onto things “just in case.” When I realize what I’m doing I have to call it what it is – planning for hard times.

There’s an interesting balance between planning for the future and having a contingency fund vs expecting that things will be bad in the future.

It’s one thing to be prepared for challenging financial times and it’s another thing entirely to PLAN for them.

I no longer wish to energize the possibility of future lack. At the same time I can be prepared.

I invite you to look at any place in your life where you are hoarding and holding onto things that you don’t need to. Allow yourself to become aware of whether or not you’re planning for lack. Set yourself free!

My Divine nature is to be abundant and in the flow!

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