In the Flow of the ALL Good!

October 19, 2011

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I have an old Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It’s huge and it ways about 20 pounds. No kidding. I love an excuse to take it out and look up a word. As a Minister / Teacher, I’m a writer and a professional wordsmith. I enjoy the etymology of words and I appreciate being clear.

Many years ago I looked up the word affluence in order to be sure I understood what it meant. Much to my surprise the primary definition didn’t have anything to do with money or wealth. Affluence is an abundant flow. To be affluent is to be in the flow of abundance and prosperity – which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with material wealth. Prosperity is defined as being successful or thriving. Abundance is defined as “an ample quantity.”

Do you notice how these words: abundance, prosperity and affluence, have a truly wholesome and, for me, inspiring quality to them – and yet the meaning we’ve made of them is sometimes associated with greed, wealth and other thoughts related to the separation of the “haves and have nots.”

Over the years there’s a negativity that has gotten stuck to the concept of money. It’s understandable. People are frequently humbled by how quickly they’ll humiliate themselves or prostitute themselves in exchange for money. People believe that “Money is the root of all evil” and don’t even know that they believe it. Some folks assume that abundance, prosperity and affluence are related to money and therefore are as “dirty” as money seems to be.

It’s time for those of us who are spiritually aware to recognize that just as words are symbols of symbols, so is $$$. I enjoy experiencing abundance. A trip to the ocean or a good look at a tree reminds me of true abundance. Who can count the leaves on a tree? Who can count the drops of water in the ocean? Talk about abundance! Talk about flow!

I’m interested in being in the flow and being affluent feels yummy to me. Would I like to be wealthy? Well, in truth, I feel that I am. I feel very wealthy because it is easy for me to be compassionate. I feel very prosperous because I feel I am in the flow of inspiration and Love.

I feel abundant and prosperous and affluent because I’ve moved out of an endless wanting and not having. I’ve been willing to realize that abundance, prosperity and affluence are spiritual qualities that are unlimited and omnipresent. These spiritual qualities are the very nature of my being. To deny them is to deny my true identity. It’s my responsibility to acknowledge them AS my life BEFORE I can experience them. If you claim that you are poor, and are a have-not, that will be your experience. In the beginning was the word. When you speak your word you call it into being in your experience. You are the one.

What will you speak today? Do you claim lack or affluence? You decide.

I am in the flow of the ALL good! I AM affluent!

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