Setting Yourself Free!

October 23, 2011

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The most liberating thing I’ve ever done was to set myself free of resentments, judgments and opinions. Of course it didn’t happen because I took a pill or a workshop or a trip somewhere. I started with a little willingness and watered that seed of willingness everyday until I realized I was actually watering the seed of pristine awareness. I was dissolving the attachments to the past in order to experience true freedom now. Little by little I began to feel more authentic. The more authentic I felt the freer I felt. The freer I felt the more compassion I had for myself and others. Before I knew it I realized that I’d gone from watering the seed of pristine awareness to building a really spacious house on the rock of God’s love.

What are you doing today that’s more important than setting yourself free from the past?

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I’m willing to set myself free!

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  1. I’m listening to your ACIM telecourse and had some moments of great clarity that surprised and delighted me- I’m planning on looking more into the Money Keys material. Thanks so much for your being willing to share from your own life so openly and for doing this work

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