The Ego is So Tricky

October 12, 2011

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Very often when life throws us challenges the temptation is to think that we made a mistake and that we’re being punished. Sometimes when things aren’t going the way we think they should we look for who is to blame. We see this kind of thinking modeled all around us every day. It’s the blame game. When big mistakes and disasters happen in businesses sometimes people cannot move on and begin again until they have figured out who to blame. Someone has to be punished. Someone has to pay.

Because this whole experience we’re having is about experiencing what it would be like to be separate, to be the God of our world, some people like to play what many have come to think of as God’s role on the stage of human experience. They like to be the one who keeps score. Many are taught to think God is keeping score on us and that we’ll be punished or rewarded according to our choices. That is the Santa Claus version of God. It’s a God who is like us. It’s our projection of God. The old man who keeps score is a very powerful idea in the ego thought system. You and I have the opportunity to undo it and release it forever when we partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

What we’re learning through all this is that the attacker always feels attacked. The judger always feels judged. The one who is loving will always feel loved. We are not punished by God for our mistakes. Instead what happens is the law of cause and effect works. Our choices will produce our experience. If we choose limiting thoughts and send them out into the world we will experience them coming back to us. It’s like a boomerang. That’s why it’s such good wisdom to do unto others as you would have done unto.

Do you really want to be a scorekeeper? Wouldn’t you really like to learn how to be the great love spreader instead? Love is the only healer. Let’s choose Love. Let’s do it together today.

I choose Love and I’m stickin’ to it!

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