Who’s Steering This Train?

October 9, 2011

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There have been times when I was angry at God. Angry because things weren’t going the way I wanted and no amount of prayer seemed to be able to fix that. I felt like God wasn’t listening. Maybe God didn’t care. Maybe God was punishing me.

I’ve realized that Spirit has been listening very carefully and responding to my thought the only way God can: with a resounding “And so it is!” If I say “my work isn’t very fulfilling,” Life demonstrates it for me according to the strength of my belief. If I say “things are never going to improve,” the Universe will show me what that looks like. If I say, “I never have enough,” that will be my unending experience – until I change my mind.

If I’m thinking “I’ll never get ahead,” the Universe doesn’t say “she doesn’t really mean that. That’s not what she’s intending. She’s just not thinking clearly, let’s give her something different – something to cheer her up and change her mind.” It’s my job to change my mind – and there’s plenty of inspiration and plenty of motivation if I’m willing.

The Universe that I experience with the body is a projection of what I’m holding in my mind. It’s really this simple: Life is going to give me an opportunity to experience what I’m thinking. That’s what this illusion of a 3D existence is all about. Which is why it’s up to me to pay attention to my thinking. After all, I’m the one who is steering this train.

Today, I cultivate my willingness and I give thanks for my ability to change my mind!

I’m willing to have a life of Love, abundance and joy. I’m willing to change my mind!

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  1. Another beautiful prayer!!! I thought of another question I should have asked at LACIM at Unity. When we are doing things in the “world,” how can we be sure we are joined with love and not the ego. For example, protesting an execution via Amnesty International and signing a petition against capital punishment. Since there is no world, so I do not need to change it, how can I be sure I have joined with love or if the ego is tempting me to think I need to do something about this or other things that appear to be happening.

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