Will You Accept True Abundance?

October 17, 2011

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This week in Living A Course in Miracles we’re going to learn about spiritual abundance and prosperity with Karen Russo, author of “The Money Keys.” I remember when “The Secret” came out and people were so excited about it. Then there was the backlash that it was all about the “Law of Attraction,” but the focus was on money. “The Secret” has some very clear insight in it and it is not the whole story. How could it be?

What’s true is that we experience what we think. That’s the Law of Cause & Effect and it cannot be gotten around. It will always be at play in this experience we’re having of life on planet earth. The thing is to be grateful that you can always change your mind.

Until just a few years ago I allowed myself to complain and to think thoughts of lack and limitation on a regular basis. I noticed that people I knew who were multi-millionaires would do the same thing. They would complain that they didn’t have enough. We were all singing that same sad song.

To someone who is struggling to pay their rent, a multi-millionaire complaining that they don’t have enough money seems crazy. Having experienced this situation many times myself I realized that we’re all crazy. It’s not that there’s a lack of money. There’s a lack of awareness of how the law of cause and effect works.

I decided to be faithful. And for me that meant being willing to accept responsibility for every thought I think. There is no lack in Spirit. Spirit’s nature is true abundance. Abundance IS Love. There is no lack of Love. There is no lack of good. There is no lack of flow, but I can cut myself off if I choose to. I have to really be interested in lack and focused on limitation in order to experience it.

I decided to be devoted to remembering that my source is unlimited and that I am interested in experiencing the flow of abundance in my life. I had to do this in order to support my ministry. I wasn’t willing to be a spiritual teacher who was claiming lack for myself or anyone else. I had to train my mind to stop claiming lack. I started to say to myself “I have money.”

For years I would work with affirmations like “I AM Abundant.” That didn’t work for me. It didn’t unhook my mind from the lack. What worked for me was “I have money.” I stopped using my credit cards. I began using only my debit cards. I began to live in the awareness that I had money. Every time I paid for something I said “I have money.” I made a tithe or offering I affirmed “I have money to spare and to share.”

On every check that I write I put in the memo the initials of an affirmation that I got from Olga Butterworth back in the 80’s: “Divine Love flowing through me blesses and increases all that I give and all that I receive. Amen.” DLFTMBAIATIGAATIRA

Now I can really feel it when I write it – Now I am beginning to understand true abundance and relax into it. Now I can tithe from the overflow and no longer tithe as a way of giving to get. This is why I write this blog – to share from the overflow and affirm the abundance of my life, of your life, and all life.

Divine Love flowing through me blesses and increases all that I give and all that I receive. Amen!

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  1. I LOVE the affirmation and how you use the initials on your cheques! I’m going to use that idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jennifer, I extend my love and gratitude to you for your work in presenting The Course of Miracles. I have been a student for 3 years and you bring clarity and love to my learning. I look forward to your power prayers every day. I am so grateful for the ACIM series every week. I asked for a study course and God provided. Every week through this course I receive the exact spiritual nourishment I need to assist me in my growth. I look forward to staying connected to you and your work!
    In love and gratitude
    Lyn Wilson

  3. Rev. Jennifer– what a holy, happy week we are having w the focus on Abundance! I love that you’ve reminded us that Spirit is Abundance, our nature is one with Spirit, and therefore we ARE the Abundance. AND it’s super great that we’ll be talking about practical, living disciplines (the fun kind) that each of us can adopt to develop our mastery with money– not trying to get, but choosing to be conscious, excellent and awake with this aspect of material living.
    Love to you friend and I’ll’see you’ and the whole tribe on Thursday!

  4. Great stuff. I have for years written every night on my gratitude list,”abundance flows into my life on a daily basis.” Of course I want more than I have but I have lots more stuff than I need. Working on accepting love.

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