Will You Accept?

October 11, 2011

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Will you accept your guidance? People pray and pray for Divine guidance, Wisdom, insight and inspiration every day and so often they ignore or refuse it because it does not come with a message that they like or feel comfortable with. If we are willfully doing our own thing and seeking outside of ourselves for fulfillment then we’re obviously not very interested in Divine guidance and at some level we know it. We already think we know what SHOULD be and we’re focused on managing, manipulating and controlling things to be the way we WANT them to be. I’m so familiar with that pattern.

That’s where willingness comes in. You must cultivate that little willingness every day or you’ll always be stuck in feeling like you don’t have access to that which is truly fulfilling – the deep connection with the Divine. That’s why I did two classes on Trust & Faith last week. To support your cultivating the willingness. After all, if we don’t see the value in something we won’t accept it.

Last April I was at Unity Village to help facilitate a retreat there. As soon as I began to walk around the beautiful campus I started receiving a clear thought about going back in the fall and inviting A Course in Miracles folks to come and join me – to have a restful, nourishing retreat where we would go deep and fly high. I got a clear picture of us gathered there in the fall. I spoke to the retreat director and she said there was no time available. I asked about Columbus Day weekend because I felt that having the extra Monday would give us a chance to really relax together. It turned out that was the ONLY time they had available and so I knew that this was Divine guidance I was receiving.

When I went back to the team of folks that I work with to say that I’d really like to add this to the schedule they said it really was impossible. That’s the way it looked on the surface. We had too much on our plate already. I could feel that the opening would come if I could hold the space for it in the invisible, in my mind. In my heart I could feel the difference that it would make in people’s lives. I felt that “hungering and thirsting” for the truth. I knew all I had to do was BE CLEAR AND BE WILLING – I let Spirit take care of the rest.

Well, late last night Gary Renard and I flew home from Unity Village in Missouri where where we’d led our 4 day retreat with a great group of folks from all over the place. We had such a beautiful and powerful time. The healing and expansion was so palpable. The joy was so present in each moment. I am so grateful that I followed Divine guidance.

What I can tell you is that I had no idea HOW it would all come together. I had no idea WHO would show up. I had no idea if we could even break even or if it would cost me $$$ personally. So often, I haven’t got CLUE ONE about HOW it’s going to happen and I have learned to trust Spirit. To give the HEAVY LIFTING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. After all – it wasn’t my idea in the first place!

So many people told me this was a major life-changing event for them. It opened a door for them. I didn’t KNOW what would happen. How could I know it? I was willing though. I was willing. I held that willingness and I invited others to join me in it. The vision expanded in their minds as it did in mind. In truth, it was even better than I could have planned. Who can plan for the miracle that Love brings? Who can plan for healing? We accept it. We allow it. We are willing to BE it and the Spirit takes care of the rest?

What part of your life could have a miracle in it? Are you willing to be willing? Today my Power Prayer is for willingness.

Please be my prayer partner today! Let’s be willing together!

My word is the word of God. My word is a loving word!

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  1. Sorry my email got sent before I was able to complete it.

    I was going to say, that I came to realize that I have the faith but I did not trust. I couldn’t trust for whatever childhood trauma that I have been carrying on even though I have done so much work of clearing, forgiving and releasing still when push come to shove I was stuck and still stuck asking the Holy Spirit to come into my soul Now and unblock whatever people, place or thing that I placed in my way. Yes, Jennifer you are right unless I can trust I cannot move to the next stage and I need your help. I am so tired very tired this nightmare and I want to go home, I want to be fully awakened NOW! Seeing, thinking and hearing through the Holy Spirit Only. I am ready and willing now accept me now, remove all doubts, judgement, blame, guilt, shame, regrets sorrows, remorse … all that comes from fearfulness and meaningfulness thoughts, feelings an actions to pure surrender and acceptance now, always and forever and ever. Amen.

  2. Hello Jean,

    I’ve forwarded your message to Rev. Jennifer, but I’m deleting it from our database here so that it doesn’t accidentally get posted.

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