Angel at the Burger King

November 23, 2011

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Waiting my turn at the LAX American Airlines Terminal Burger King at 5:30am one morning I watched the woman who filled the orders. She had an authentic smile for each customer, asking them if they wanted juice or coffee with their value meal. Each half-awake traveler was lovingly told where to find the napkins and the ketchup. Each was told to have a nice day with real sincerity. By the time it was my turn to receive her kindness I had to tell her how much I appreciated and admired her spirit. Her smile grew even brighter. I felt the depth of her heart.

For many people, having to be at work before 5am, dealing with the public, for what is hardly a living wage, would be crushing, but for this woman it seemed that she felt SHE was the one who was deeply blessed. Every day she faces people who are flying around the world for any number of reasons. Some are flying to or from funerals, some are frightened of flying, others worried about their jobs, and their families. I saw that this woman recognized her opportunity to provide a personal and powerful blessing for each customer. We all have this opportunity with each person we meet, regardless of our circumstances.

This woman at the Burger King seemed to have it all because she was giving so much to each one she met. With her every breath she teaches us that if we want more love we need to be the love we seek.

I intend to walk in the world as a loving, giving presence wherever I am and with whomever I’m with, and with every passing day I find more joy in my walk. Still, I don’t know that I could do what this Angel does. I know many people who yearn for a deeper expression of life purpose, more loving relationships, more peace, more prosperity. People often think they have to go somewhere special or take a special class to be transformed. I hear the words “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Today I resolve to find my inner angel nature and to walk in it. I look for opportunities to share the light that I can find in myself this day. Angels don’t look for rewards or gratitude, the simple opportunity to be the giver IS the gift.


Today I am willing to be the Love in my life!

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  1. Dear Reverend Hadley,

    You cannot know, but you have come into my life at the exact right moment! Almost 2 years ago, I had a bad fall and broke my arm in 3 places. The pain from this fall was, obviously, very painful. The problem was, as time went on, the pain did not lessen, but it got worse!!!

    I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD, for short. Short or long, it is a devastating pain disorder than many cannot live with, and some make the terrible choice to end their lives because of the pain. I not only discovered I had RSD, I was also told that a heart condition I had was getting extremely worse, fast!! I am now 4 months into living with a state of the art CRT-D, which is a combo Pacemaker/Defibrillator. It was totally traumatic to go through the heart device implant – I had no arms to use for weeks…they were both unusable for a while, and I suffered much anxiety before and after this procedure.

    The GOOD NEWS of all of this is that I prayed, after many, many years of not praying, in refusing to have Faith, because Faith took my life away from me (divorce #2), or so my ego demanded I believe. BUT NO!! That was not my path, that WAS NOT what my Creator and my Comforter and my God destined for me!!

    Years ago, I studied ACIM all by myself. It was THAT POWERFUL – I didn’t need anyone to motivate me to study this powerful teaching, but I did find others who believed and we met as a group for a long time. I was in love with the text, the almost poetic wording of it and, of course, the incredible lessons from The Lessons part of ACIM.

    ACIM was my spiritual Belief of choice for many years. Somewhere in the middle of my ACIM studies, I moved and went to a new church which, I learned soon later, was a RELIGIOUS SCIENCE church. I fell in love with this teaching, and over time, I studied with a teacher who combined both ACIM and Science of Mind. It was a wonderful period of my life!!

    What happened, though, is that, like you’ve mentioned in many of your different media, you admit to studying deeply, but NOT finding a way to LIVING the Word. YOU MADE IT YOUR LIFE’S WORK to get there for yourself and, bless you, for those others, like me, who felt the exact same way.

    At this point in my life, at age 59, after refusing to study anything for years, all my health issues finally got my attention. It was either fight or die!!…I was down to the wire! I went back to ACIM books and teachings, and then my Science of Mind books AND, then, as the cherry on top, ALONG CAME YOU – THE CLOSER!! LOL

    Dear Jennifer, YOU ARE THE VESSEL, you have become MY ARK! to carry me beyond the ‘Land of No’ beyond the ‘Land of No Faith’, and sail me back to the “Land of Faith’. I believe…I believe, dear Teacher!!!


    THANK YOU dear Reverend Jennifer Hadley, for the beginning of a new, beautiful life for myself!!!

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!!

  2. I admire the work you do Jennifer.
    I think what occurred that morning in your experience was simply the projection of the light in your mind to let yourself recognized in it. This scene served you simply has a mirror, it was not real. It was a mirage. Just as nothing is real in this world of forms. The only thing that makes sense in this world is that it allows to recognize what is happening in our mind not in a world of forms.
    And finally accept the fact that we are not a body, because we are the same as God, pure spirit of Love. We are One. One pure spirit and nothing else outside. The spirit of God does not created forms to recognize Himself. He knows who He is. His creation is intangible as you are, the pure spirit He created. Seek to not to change the Course. The Courses in Miracles is very clear : there is no world. The goal of the happy dream is to undo the ego and at the end the entire world will disappear.
    The Course teaches us to renounce the ego which symbolizes the idea of separation. What your eyes observe is not front of you, but in you. As you know, the way to undo an ego or the idea of separation is to accept the Atonement for yourself. This is all we have to teach. It is an individual teaching.
    It is so easy to teach to all at the same time… And the way of teaching is very simple, practicing forgiveness for ourselves, since we come from a single mind. Thus, practicing forgiveness for yourself you will do it for all at the same time. This makes the task simple since there is no other self. We seem to be several, but in truth we are one. One mind reflecting his idea through every form. An idea which seems to be born to die, it’s why all species will eventually disappear sooner or later. Idea never leaves the mind unless your free will reject the wrong mind who had the idea of separation. Like you know the wrong mind is the ego.
    So recognize the fact that nothing (good or bad) is real in this world, is the way to liberated our mind and everyone from the separation of God. But focus on certain forms and desire to keep them real is the way to stay imprisoned in the world of forms reflecting the illusion of separation from the wrong mind.
    Recognize, dear Jennifer, that you are alone in this world because every single thing your eyes can observed come from one single idea of separation from right mind. Because you perceived forms or a material world demonstrates that you believed you are separate from God or the pure spirit that you have never left.
    Of course I am writing this to myself because I admire the teachings of Jesus through A Course in Miracles that responds to my deepest desire to awaken me in God.
    To achieve this deep desire, I know that I have to let it go all forms by ceasing considered “good or bad”. Because my judgment is false, I see something that isn’t there. What I seem to see is not real. The world of forms that I judge real is reflecting the images coming from my own thoughts and projected outside my mind. Nothing is out there, because there is no world! Everything I see with my eyes are thoughts in the mind. The body including my eyes is like anything else, a projection from the mind. It is an illusion to believe that I live into the world. Since I know that ideas never leave his source. Everything I see in the world come from my thoughts. And I maintain an illusory world with my thoughts in my mind.
    If I believe this world of perceptions is real, means that I deny my responsible for this dream of separation. But now I assume my responsibility without judging the tiny mad idea. I made a new choice in June 2007 I accept the path of the perfect love from the Holy Spirit, the Atonement for myself.
    “Holy Spirit help me to not believe anymore that the figures of the dream are real. This way I will be able to free myself from each of them and the roles that I had assigned to them. Thanks for your Love that I recognized truth these words.” Amen!
    “Thanks dear God for having answered my call for help through A Course in miracles.” I remember that night I was exhausted and I could not find peace through all the knowledge I had learned since I started my spiritual path in 1986. You hear me and whisper the word “forgiveness”. Your answer woke me up that morning and filled me with joy. I was so pleased to have been heard once again.
    Few days after a friend gave me the book, Et l’univers disparaîtra from Gary Renard. I read this book with so much joy. It was like eating a sweet candy. I read it twice. Without any hesitation I bought the book, A Course in Miracles. This was in June 2007. Since then, nothing in the world can no longer capture my attention more that my awakening in God.
    “Father you are my only reason for living. You’re my Love, my entirely Life. You are my Will. We are One. I finally accept Your entire Love. In this acceptance I get and I give It entirely to you, dear Jennifer, because that is the Will of God. Amen!”
    Eternal love of God given and received entirely.
    Love is All.
    Lokelani ♥
    p.s.: I used a translator because I speak French Canadian, excuse my writhing.

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