Be Unbotherable

November 4, 2011

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Be unbotherable. This is the aspiration I encourage the students in my year-long Masterful Living Course to consider. What does it really mean? To me, it means to have no resistance. What is, is. The spiritually masterful person doesn’t fight what is.

In our culture there’s a strong thought about fighting. There’s the idea that we have to “fight for our rights.” As spiritually mature people, we know that’s not true. And we also know that we can work to protect our civil rights and other rights that are important to us in our civic and social lives, but we don’t have to fight.

There is no opposition to the Truth. There is no opposite to God. Love has no opposite. Fear is not the opposite of Love. Love is ALL there is, how could it have an opposite.

We’re taught that, when threatened, we can go into “fight or flight mode.” Well, that’s true, but those aren’t the only choices we have. If I feel threatened I’ve learned to pause. In the pause I can feel what’s really going on. In the pause I can listen for Divine guidance and inspiration. Usually I don’t feel a need to fight or to take flight. Often times the guidance is to open my heart and take a step closer, remembering that I AM One with everyone, and there is no “other.”

Sometimes in the pause I notice that something is triggered. In that case, the thing that feels right is to seek nurturing from a trusted friend.

This is what walking the talk is. It’s realizing that there are options. It’s realizing that we can train ourselves to be masterful and mature. We don’t have to fight and we don’t have to flee in fear – and we can take that pause without being a deer caught in headlights. Instead, we can pause to tune in and Partner UP!

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I fear nothing. Love is all there is.

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