Clever or Clear?

November 15, 2011

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One of the ways in which the ego thought system can really grab our attention is the impulse to show off and be clever. I know a lot about that. I used to look for ways to let everybody know how clever I was in order to get appreciation and recognition.

As I continued to deepen my spiritual practice and heal the ego habits and attachments I realized that has no value for me anymore. Anytime I feed the ego it makes me feel less alive, less enthusiastic, less fulfilled and less prosperous. I choose love instead.

Now, I enjoy supporting other people in shining – like I’ve been doing in the Living A Course in Miracles tele-class. It’s been so much fun to support these beautiful people in sharing their gifts and talents with us. It lifts my heart AND it brings benefit to thousands of people from around the world.

This shift is from seeking to be clever to being the clear heart of Love that is my true nature.

Where in your life are you seeking to be clever? Look for it and see if you can let that need to be recognized be healed. When you love and appreciate yourself you won’t need to get the affirmation from the outside. Instead you can appreciate others, remembering that you’re One with them and when one shines, all are lifted.

Make the shift and give others a lift!


I’m willing to be see and know clearly the loving opportunities in my life.

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  • So true. The ego either puffs you up or drags you down…inflates or deflates, while remaining centered is where joy and peace reside.
    Thank you again, Jennifer, for all your classes and especially for the healing meditation last week on LACIM.

  • How my brain likes to prove its cleverness and increase its security: planning. How I enjoyed your teaching on “The healed mind does not plan.” May my mind be healed of this habit; may fretting be replaced with trust; may this healing uplift us all, because we are all one.

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