Commitment to Divine Wisdom

November 12, 2011

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If you were to add up all of the time and energy yesterday that you invested in criticizing yourself, how much time would it be? 10%? 30%? More? And if you were to add up all of the time and energy you invested in appreciating yourself, how much time would that be?

Now, consider how much time and energy you invest in criticizing others? How much time and energy do you invest in appreciating others?

It’s very rare to experience constructive criticism. Criticism is more often not constructive, but rather it is intensely destructive. Criticism often comes as a form of attack. It has a tearing down effect, and yet it also comforts in an unhealthy way. It’s almost as if you say to yourself “things are bad, but at least I know EXACTLY how bad they are. At least I’ve got that going for me.” Ugh. Is that how you really want to live each day? I don’t think so! I used to do that and now I know: I’m not interested in that anymore!

Louise Hay says “Praise yourself as much as you can … The love in our lives begins with us … Loving yourself will help heal this planet.” The easiest way for you to begin appreciating yourself is to start appreciating others. It’s often easier to forgive others and it’s easier to appreciate them too. Criticism is a habit, a destructive habit. Appreciation can be a habit too. It’s so beautiful to replace a destructive habit for a constructive habit. Set your intention and make the commitment. You are worth it! Tomorrow, when you add up all the time criticizing and all the time appreciating there will be a demonstration of a fundamental shift in your approach to life. You will feel the difference!

How do I love me? Let me count the ways– today I encourage you to write down 10 things that you appreciate about yourself. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with us!

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  1. Dear Ones, So nice to connect w/ you all in SPIRIT. I am out in the country a bit away from the crowds. So listening to Jennifer as often as I can is so sweet. Thank you for all of your effort.
    I like to close my letters w/ a different way of saying ” love, always”
    to ” LOVE-ALL-WAYS”
    Rev.Margauex w/ Pathways of light

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