Good Graciousness!

November 13, 2011

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In Webster’s Dictionary, grace is defined as the benevolence or favor of God. To be gracious is to embody that same quality. It’s easier for me to be gracious when I am aware that I am made in the spiritual image and likeness of the Divine. It’s easier for me to be gracious when I first acknowledge that I am blessed. For that reason, I’ve developed the habit of giving thanks and counting my blessings.

I love walking in the world with graciousness. When I intend to be gracious, it’s easy for me to share the peace and the love that I know is always supporting me in the invisible. Graciousness is the love of God moving through me and showing up in my smile. My walk of graciousness is evidence of my faith in the Divine. My capacity for graciousness is the way my awareness of the oneness of all life shows up in the smallest moments of my life. I’m so grateful for my willingness to share divine Grace and act as its emissary.

Today I commit myself to expressing graciousness in all that I do. This means letting cars cut in front of mine without resenting it. It means having patience when I’m waiting in line at the bank and someone is taking a long time. Today I know that I am blessed and I share my blessing with those I meet so they will feel blessed too. Each day I move the world toward peace and harmony through my nonviolent thoughts and actions.


Graciousness is the love of God moving through me now!

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