My Birthday Prayer

November 30, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Being of Service!:

Monday, November 28th was my birthday – the anniversary of my appearance day! I took most of the day to do my own healing and expansion work and focus on that. I gave thanks for all the good I’m experiencing in my life. I took stock of what has been and what I’d most like to experience in the year coming up.

The thing that I’m most grateful for, truly, is YOU in my life. I’m so grateful for our connection that is born of the LOVE that we are. How wonderful!

I’d like to share my birthday prayer with you and also share some thoughts about my focus right now. I made a little video for you yesterday and you can see it below.


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  • Thank You and happy birthday. I am praying for you and ask the same prayer for my self. I had a major anxiety attack last night and am no spiraling between guilt and anger searching to place it anyone or anything, and then back to just letting it go with out judgement realinging that I have them for some lesson or purpose

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