Profound, Life-Changing Willingness

November 2, 2011

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Yay! Today’s the day that Finding Freedom, my 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp starts and I’m filled with gratitude. I was sharing in the Preview Call I did yesterday how I used to feel that I was missing something. I used to feel that I was missing out. I had this sense that there was so much more that I could be experiencing in my spiritual life, and even though I was taking all these classes and reading all these books it was still eluding me. Secretly, I was thinking maybe I just couldn’t get it.

Still, I kept praying and rededicating myself. I finally got to a point where I was more interested in knowing my Divinity than I was in any other thing. I finally got to the place where I was wiling to commit to seeking the Kingdom first and stop dancing around it.

I found that I could make my whole life my spiritual practice and not separate my practice out from the rest of my life. That’s when I started to download the clear inspiration of exactly what to DO to clear away that feeling of separateness and confusion.

The new spiritual practices I was intuitively drawn to do helped me to cleanse and purify on a level I never imagined possible. Literally – I didn’t imagine it was possible for me to get there in this lifetime.

I’ve learned the importance of never thinking I know what could be or what should be. Spirit’s idea is so much bigger than I can imagine, but it’s NOT bigger than I can BE.

Go for it! Don’t let ANYTHING get in your way. Open your heart to the fullness of the Love that you ARE!

I AM willing to be the fullness that I AM.

I invite you to click here to listen to the Preview Call – If Finding Freedom is right for you right now you’ll know it!

Finding Freedom 7-Week Spiritual Boot Camp

What can turbo-charge your spiritual growth and expansion in the most DIRECT WAY? Spiritual practices. You must DO spiritual practices to build your spiritual strength, just as you must work out to build your physical muscles. There’s NO OTHER WAY. That’s why I offer my Finding Freedom spiritual boot camp, which is like having a loving, authentic personal trainer for your spiritual life. I cannot do it for you, but I can do it with you – and I will if you’re willing. When you’re ready to go for it, you just know! Click here to watch my Finding Freedom video and see if this is right for you right now.


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