Righteous Indignation VS Passion for Compassion

November 20, 2011

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Righteous indignation sounds kind of interesting doesn’t it? Indignation, according to Webster’s dictionary, is “anger aroused by something unjust or mean.” I have felt that many times Essentially, it’s a fancy way of saying “I’m offended!”

As crazy as it seems now, for a long time I thought it was my job to take offense at things that bothered me. What changed me was my practice of nonviolence.

In 1997 I began an earnest study of the personal practice of nonviolence. I became very mindful of all the violent choices in my life. I quickly realized that taking offense was a violent reaction. Being offended was optional. Taking offense was never helpful, never healing.

I began to realize how habitual it was for me to take offense. I had to really look deeply at this behavior in my life and the cost of it. I was so grateful for the realization that I was actually being violent with myself when I took offense.

I began to look, instead, for how I could be helpful, loving and compassionate as a response. This is how I discovered that Love is the healer. Taking offense never healed anything in my life. I developed a passion for compassion. I was amazed at how quickly I could heal this long held habit.

My little willingness was all that was required to get enough clarity to see that I really didn’t want to live in that violent feeling anymore.

I’m so grateful that I can change my mind and live this passion for compassion!


I have a passion for compassion and I share the benefits with everyone!

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