Amazing Grace

December 13, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Divine Grace!:

Connecting with so many different people all over the world, I’m keenly aware that we’re all having an unprecedented experience right now. There’s hardly a person I know that isn’t being deeply challenged to align with Love fully and completely.

The challenge is to be wholly congruent with your Divine loving nature. Every day I notice where I’m still coming from ego and thoughts of separation. In the best moments Spirit lovingly shows me the higher more loving choice. This is grace. This is the blessing showing itself.

I find I’m less and less intent on trying to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and I’m profoundly more interested in following the Divine inspiration – the wave of Love that is available if we choose it.

Right now, the deepest practice is to become more mindful than we’ve ever been before. Love is not always easy to choose. Sometimes it feels so hard. However, with dedication, it does get easier and easier.

How grateful I am that we are choosing to walk this road together. It is a road of amazing grace, amazing love, and amazing people. How good it is that we are finding our way together! Thank you, beloved friend!


I AM Love. I live by Grace.


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  1. Thank you, Reverend Jennifer!

    Beautifully said, and *exactly* what I needed to read this morning, as usual!

    Choosing love, above all else, IS what’s most important to me. It’s such a great reminder that being mindful will point our spiritual compass in the direction of Divine Love, and it’s the ego that is offering us directions that will lead us down the road to nowhere.

    That guide is always with us; all we have to do is tune within!

    Have a love-filled day!


  2. Being on the other side of the continent, I am always taking the espresso on the following morning .Thank you for symathy and help on this diffucult path.

    Peace and blessings , Michaela

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