Breezing into Ease & Grace

December 23, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Ease and Grace!:

I love to ski. I haven’t been in a few years, but I really enjoy the zen
aspect of it. When I’m out there on the slopes I feel so peaceful gliding
around, one with the mountain. I really feel the energy of the mountain.
It’s so refreshing to be outside all day and enjoy the beauty and bounty of
mother earth.

Even so, there are times when I’m out on the slopes and it’s a little more
challenging a terrain than I am used to. And it’s surprising to me, but
sometimes it can really send a panic through me. There’s no question that
every year people are killed skiing and it can be very dangerous. So when
it feels scary I have a mantra that I use:

All is well.

I say “all is well.” Over and over again and I focus on feeling it in my
heart and I return to balance. Another good one is:

I AM Blessed

By the way, these are the same mantras I use when I might miss a flight or
there’s too much to do in not enough time or whenever there’s a challenge.
They work together very well.

All is well. I am blessed. All is well. I am blessed.

Try it! Let me know your results – please share a comment below!


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  1. Your prayer today is a big help. I need it right now. I feel empty after giving of myself when I didn’t really have that extra energy to give (although I always find the love). I will try this mantra and see if it helps. It does feel right so I am hopeful.

    As always, I am blessed to know you Rev Jen.

    Yvette from Canada

  2. I feel so Blessed to have been led to you, can’t remember at the moment just how that happened (a senior moment) sooooo— glad it did.
    Have a wonderful visit on the east coast.
    Merry Christmas,

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