Look for the Love

December 4, 2011

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It seems cliché and pat to some to say that the path of spiritual mastery is looking for the highest choice that Love offers in the moment and then choosing Love and opening to Love.

Sometimes spiritual seekers who have been studying books for a long time will hear something simple like that and think “I know that. That’s old news. Tell me something new.” I’ve been there and done that. AND the judger always feels judged.

We all know that the truth is beyond time and space. It is the thing that sets us free precisely because it is the revelation that anything other than truth is nothing. The light of Love illuminates all shadows and restores us to our wholeness. And yet, so often the spiritual seeker is looking for an intellectual understanding when the heart is really where the healing is going to happen. It’s time for us to learn the book of our heart and rejoice that the truth is pre-installed!

It’s not easy to let go of the defenses in favor of the truth. And this is why we go together. Holding hands, laughing together and crying together in sacred community.

Thank you for being in this community of Love with me! Together we are reclaiming our true identity and blessing our brothers and sisters beside us.

I love our connection and the opportunity we have to celebrate that the truth, that OLD NEWS is always with us and never far away even when it feels gone forever. Our heart knows the way and we can go together!


I Love this walk of truth. It is the beauty road!


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