Love + Abundance

December 5, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for True Abundance!:

Over and over again I’m amazed at how the flow of abundance and the experience of prosperity are tied to Love. The times when I feel the most abundant and prosperous are when I feel most willing to be generous in my heart.

There is no greater experience of abundance than the total willingness to be in the flow of Love.

I invite you to turn within and notice where you might feel unwilling to be loving. Is there any place where you are withholding Love or being stingy? Do you also notice that you feel a sense of lack and limitation in your life?

The nature of Love is unlimited and unprecedented. True prosperity and abundance is being able to Love freely and fully in any moment without holding back.

Today I invite you to LOVE YOURSELF freely and fully – to experience the immaculate heart of true Love and allow yourself to FEEL what true abundance is. What a great day it is to experiment with Love!

You really can BE the great Love of your life! Seek first the Kingdom, which IS within, and all else will be added unto you!


I am willing to Love myself more and more each day!


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