Prayers for All

December 21, 2011

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Right now some folks are feeling stressed out from all the holiday activities, foods and chores – and others are going through some of the most challenging times in their lives – people making their transitions, even suicides, foreclosure, losing jobs – all kinds of challenges and changes are all over.

It can be so difficult to be willing to find the blessings in our challenges, and yet I do believe that there is some blessing in every thing if we are willing to receive it.

It feels like there are often many more blessings that we can receive when we are more willing. Sometimes we look at the circumstances of our life and think we know what the blessings are, what they should be, and what’s missing – and often times all we’re really seeing is the past dragged out again once more. Instead of cultivating the willingness to experience it anew and have healing, we go down the same rut of complaining.

This is when we can call ourselves back to our heart. What awaits our decision to see with Love’s eyes is the healing we most deeply desire. Now is a time of amazing shifts and changes – miracles are all around us. Systems that have stood for centuries are crumbling in order to bring forth something new. Let us also bring forth something new!

What is the challenge in your life that you have been fighting or ignoring? Would you claim the blessing in it instead? Would you claim it sight unseen? Operating in faith?

Let’s do it together! Let us accept the gift in our challenges. Let us welcome the answered prayer!


I AM willing to receive the blessings that are mine to receive!


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