Pure of Heart

December 6, 2011

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Have you ever thought that someone else had your good? Maybe you thought your “Divine Right Partner” was sleeping in someone else’s bed? Or that someone had your perfect job? There’s a lot of that going around.

It’s a particular kind of mental and emotional whirlpool that we start when we believe that someone else has our good stuff. One of the sayings that I came up with years ago that has helped me a great deal is “What’s mine is mine, and ever shall it be so.”

It’s comforting for me to recognize that if someone else has it, then it belongs to them. My good is not somewhere else, it’s where I am. Pining for something I don’t have isn’t going to bring it to me.

It’s a very important and challenging point of spiritual mastery to recognize the difference between fantasy and vision and hope and wanting and magnetizing and attracting. These are all very distinct and there’s a lot of confusion.

Clarity requires more than I have space for here – however, YOUR heart knows when you’re aligned with clarity. Your heart knows when you’re aligned with purity.

Grasping and trying to hold onto something creates a stressful dynamic. There’s mastery in being able to hold things lightly. The mental and emotional discipline this requires is SO WORTH ASPIRING TO.

It starts with paying attention to the way you feel.
It’s imperative to learn to breathe deeply.
It’s valuable to be able to mentally release the attachment, while holding the vision.
It’s nourishing to dissolve the habit of using fantasy like a drug to distract and dull the sense.

One moment at a time is the way we remember our true identity and heal the habits of separation. Fortunately, we’re connected and so when one of us succeeds all are lifted!!!


I AM willing to value clarity and be pure of heart. I AM blessed.


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