Silent Night Holy Night

December 24, 2011

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Today, Christmas Eve is the New Moon in Capricorn. Having this new moon so close to our wonderful winter solstice (past Wednesday) reminds us of the opportunity to do a New Moon Ceremony and consciously release that which no longer serves and CLAIM the new in our heart!

I feel such a heart opening in progress – how amazing is it that all of this is aligned with the Christmas holiday on Sunday? Having Christmas on Sunday is so wonderful because our focus and attention on the Christ Presence supports our experience of it. Christ energy is heart energy and we’re opening our hearts to a new experience of Love with the new moon. Very auspicious!!

This is Divine alignment for us to not get LOST in all the holiday surface activities and instead be FOUND through the opening of our heart to the newness of the Love! Love is the healer, Love is the restorer. Let us release the attachments to the false identity and claim our true identity as spiritual beings of Love and Light!

The wondrous NEW MOON is all about setting STRONG and CLEAR intentions and facilitating an opening in our heart which naturally demonstrates in our LIFE! Bring it!

I invite you to FEEL DEEPLY the power of Love in your heart – rather than making a mental list of intentions, simply connect with the Christ Love energy. Very simply you can create a healing-nourishing ceremony for yourself. Make it as sweet and simple or expansive and joyful as feels powerful for you.

You can gather a circle of friends or work on your own – you can do both. You can make yourself a cozy spot to do your heart centering meditation – light a white candle – put on sacred music – burn sage or sacred incense – it’s valuable to make a ceremony of it for yourself. You are worth it!

You can stand under the night sky and invoke the energy of Mother Earth and the moon to support your practice with blessings of Love, healing and expansion.

Find your holy night and your silent night experience with the Christ Presence.

Find your own way and have fun with it! It’s a great opportunity to be in tune with the elements – fire, water, air, earth!


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