Stepping Into Stillness

December 30, 2011

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Over the years I’ve noticed that sometimes when the most powerful thing I can do is to STOP doing and get still, I’ll keep going and obstinately refuse to follow that Divine guidance.

I notice it’s a very common thing among spiritual seekers and students – we pray for guidance, and then when it comes we completely ignore it and go in the opposite direction. We ask for help and then stubbornly refuse to accept it.

So often, I think I knew that in the stillness there would be a healing and revealing and I was intent on avoiding it EVEN THOUGH I’d been asking and asking and ASKING for the very thing I was now avoiding. This behavior is crazy-making and it leads to the feeling that one cannot be trusted. It also has led me to despair.

So, right now I’m getting plenty of guidance to be still and I’m following it. YES!

Right now, I’m investing as much as possible in being contemplative, in feeling my feelings and opening to the wisdom of the heart. So much is shifting it requires MUCH stillness. It feels to me like I’m passing through a doorway of sorts and it is the expansion and healing that I’ve been asking for.

Sure, there’s the temptation to go to movies and clean out closets and relax and be in the DOING of whatever could be done in this moment, but I’m choosing to receive my answered prayer.

I invite you to consider if it makes sense to add more stillness to your days right now. Will it support your expansion to avoid unnecessary activities and busy-ness? Consider: what do you most want now? What is your focus?

It feels to me like there’s a deep listening that’s being called for. What are you feeling? Please share in the comments section below!

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  1. YES!
    I also feel that it’s a time to stay in stillness and deep listening.
    I have for the moment many judgemental people around me and I can see and feel their despair but what I’m hearing inside of me is that the only thing to do is to be!
    It’s not a time for doing,it’s a time for BEING the loving presence.
    It’s a shift coming…
    I will do my very best to follow this guidance and rest in my loving heart in stillness whatever comes my way.
    I’m so grateful and thankful for being your prayerpartner!
    I love you!

  2. I can do that, I’ve always needed the quiet and stillness get a little edgy if I can’t find it.
    I have read and studied many years, always had this knowing but never able to grab and hang onto this feeling of closeness that I feel now!
    This spiritual bootcamp has given me the tools, now I want to take a few months do more work with these special tools.
    I’m READY for expansion. Thank you so much Jennifer.
    Love, peace, and joy,

  3. I have felt the call to stillness these past few months and yet often during the day, I feel I must be doing something. I am trying to add more stillness to my life as it is there, with Holy Spirit, that I find the Truth.

  4. Dear Jennifer,
    Namaste! Smiles and Joy to you and your Beautiful Heart.
    Yes the experience you describe is one that we share. I too am finding that my time in meditation is more frequent and more meaninful and that when I carry this stillness/inner peace/inner light around with me in my waking day I am finding it easy now to see and hear the Truth of things – I am listening now to what my True Self/my Higher Self/ my Holy Spirit Self is telling me is needed in any given moment to allivate the suffering of others. It is not always easy but it is not always hard either. This awareness that we are all connected and one person’s suffering is my suffering has been transformative. I have been saying these words in my mind all throughout the day – “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” and have found it has brought peace where there was once conflict in many situations.
    Dear Jennifer – your beautiful pray uplifts my heart each morning and I thank you so deeply for the service you are providing to sharing the benefits of inner peace with everyone.
    Peace and Joy to you today and every day.

  5. Hi Jennifer, happy new year
    Are you interviewing Gary Renard this friday evening and also sat.
    If so, how can I listen in?

  6. i feel very guilty for not working very many hours and i keep myself busy around the house but i can see i need more stillness.
    SO that will be my goal today to be more still.. thank you rh

  7. This one hit home with me in two ways – taking the time to be still and taking the time to do what needs doing. I find myself filling those times with other activities. I am ready for the pattern to stop and I have decided to join you for the Masterful Living course. For too long I have read the books, listened to tapes and not done the exercises. How beneficial is that? The one time last year I did the work (at a workshop on Callings) I started to see where I needed to go and I am now working to make that happen after losing my job. As one door closes another opens and I plan to be self employed and use my gifts in a new way. This weekend will be filled with many breaks for stillness to help me get centered in my heart to prepare me for the new year.

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