What Song Are You Singing?

December 18, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Loving Ourselves!:

Do you know the song “When Will I Be Loved?” It was originally written and recorded by The Everly Brothers who had a hit with it when I was an infant. Linda Rondstadt had a hit with it when I was a tween. Many artists have covered it. Have you ever felt like you’ve been cheated and mistreated and you were wondering when you would be loved?

If so, start now! YOU are the love of your life!

Why wait for someone else to hold you dear? YOU can do that for yourself. It’s about holding yourself beloved of the THE Beloved. There’s no need to wait or delay. NOW is the perfect moment to begin! Begin with this very breath!

For me, this is about holding yourself in your heart – tenderly, beautifully, sweetly. What a deep and pure spiritual practice this is. It doesn’t cost money and it doesn’t require anyone’s permission. There’s no special book you need to read or class you need to take.

What a blessing it is when even one person loves themselves. Each one showing up as Love is a beautiful way to live. Let’s be there right now!


I AM Loved.


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