Working in the Invisible

December 7, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Divine Right Action!:

Many years ago I began praying several times a day that my life and my writing would support people in opening their hearts and minds and inspire them to take loving action in their lives. I continue to energize this intention through prayer every day. Living with intention is so valuable. It doesn’t cost anything extra to set a powerful intention, try it! Every day I feel inspired to take loving action. I intend that my life extends a blessing to motivate others as well.

I am constantly courting inspiration. Yet, without me taking action, incorporating that inspiration into the fabric of my life and choices, it has little value. To me, it’s about sharing from the overflow. I feel inwardly compelled to always be looking to take the inspiration I receive into the action of sharing it with others. I’ve learned that actively loving myself or someone else is the most powerful form of action I can take. In this path of living masterfully – I work in the invisible and watch it show up in the visible!

When I was a little girl Robert Kennedy said, “Each of us can work to change a small portion of events and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” These words are just as vital and inspiring today. Kennedy took inspiration into his heart, embodied it, and took it into action. Because he took action, his intention still lives on in the hearts of those whose lives he touched.

Today I invite you to look at how you take the inspiration you receive and put it into action. Let me know what you’re choosing in a comment here at the blog. I’ll read it and energize it too!


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  • Dear Jennifer,

    Before I listened to this prayer I said YES to the Masterfull Living Course for 2012. So I will be joining this course!

    With love,


  • My intent is to align with the divine and receive and share the joy and overflowing abundance with every-one I meet.

    Thank-you for your beautiful inspirational prayers – I listen and each day i am grateful for your beautiful inspired messages; they inspire me to share the love.

  • Just what I needed to here b/c I have a lot of inspiration w/ a lot of intention (as far as running my business) but don’t know where to start. So I just have to start somewhere, anywhere or right where I am. Thanks

  • I listen to your words of wisdom daily, am grateful for your way sharing your love, my intent is to daily choose my highest loving thought for me and for all who surround me.
    Thank you

  • You inspire me daily but the most recent example is when you said last week that under all the complications of everyday life is love. I wrote it down as it spoke volumes to me and put everything into perspective. I was able to share this with two friends who needed to hear it. Your daily prayers are full of divine wisdom and many invaluable life lessons. I am so grateful to you for changing my life. God bless you.
    Yvette from Canada

  • I have listened to these prayers for awhile and they have helped me stay focused and positive during my time of transition. Last week I lost my job due to a company merger. I wasn’t sure what to do but I kept listening each day to the power prayer and reviewed notes from a Callings workshop. Some friends have approached me with a business opportunity that aligns with what I wrote down as ways I could be of service to people. I will take my skills from my previous job to help in my new business of providing people nutritional tools to reach their 90 day goals. I am going to share my passion for nutrition and health with others. Thank you for these beautiful prayers each day.

  • Hello Jennifer,
    Now that I am retired I have a moment to do this. I too was inspired by Robert Kennedy. Thank you for the reminder of his inspiration. I will take this inspiration into action today by making a cinscious effort to love someone in my life who is not always very loveable. I have done it before and I know it works. Love is a powerful force and even the most ornary person cannot resist Love.
    Many many thanks,

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