Are you ready to surrender the suffering?

January 21, 2012

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The new year still has that new year smell to it, doesn’t it? It feels like it’s still fresh. I don’t’ know about you, but for me, the year is off like a ROCKET!!! Wowzer!

I’ve had tremendous growth and expansion in just these first 21 days. It’s been AMAZING, although it hasn’t all been fun. I’m used to that – every spiritual seeker is. Whenever there’s reluctance, it’s a bumpier ride.

What I’m noticing in conversations with people is that they either feel like this is going to be the most expansive year of their life or they’re concerned it’s going to be one of the most difficult years of their life. What I believe is that you can shift it and make it go in whichever direction you choose. A little shift can make a HUGE difference, just like when NASA is sending a rocket to the moon – one degree shift, on a trajectory that long, makes for a completely different destination.

Some people set new year’s resolutions and use the ego to try and muscle their way to their goals. Been there done that and experienced the painful failure of that technique.

What I’ve learned to do is set the very highest aspiration I can find in my heart and allow Spirit to guide, inspire and direct me. I’ve been doing this for over a decade and each year is better than the one before.

Suffering is optional.

We really can put an end to our own suffering and spinning around in the muck and mire created by our unwillingness to be focused on our spiritual practice. It all changes when we truly put the Kingdom first. The ONLY way to put an end to suffering IS to put the Kingdom first.

One day, we will each realize that we really never had to suffer and that it was ALWAYS our choice. We’ll recognize that even if we had horrible things done to us, we could turn that into a golden learning and share the benefits with others.

Suffering is always a resistance to the Love you ARE. It’s reluctance to hold yourself accountable and responsible. When you resist our true nature it creates suffering. And isn’t that the GOOD news? If we could really stay spiritually asleep in peace while choosing resistance to Love, reluctant to remember our Divinity and the Divinity of all life – wouldn’t we be DOOMED forever to live a life that was completely pointless?

Fortunately our suffering wakes us up, like a Divine ALARM. Unless we hit the snooze button. For years, I hit the snooze button. I didn’t know that I was the one creating my suffering. I really didn’t get it for a long, long time.

Suffering is optional. Surrender is not.

We must surrender, give over, make a Holy Offering of all that we have cherished above our Divinity. We must surrender the false identity in order to discover our true identity as Divine beings has been perfectly preserved and waiting for us, in the Kingdom all along.

What’s your plan for this new year?
Will this be the year that you do everything you can to end your own suffering?

Do you know what the trajectory of your life is? Are you focused on material goals, or are you putting the Kingdom first? Would you willing to have it ALL if you could discover a plan to get there? Or will you settle for something you can hold in your hand that can only make you happy for a moment in time? It’s your choice. You have free will to choose your destiny.

I’m dedicating the first 3 months of this year to assisting folks who would like to set the highest aspirations of their life and really GO FOR IT!! That’s why I did the f-ree 2 hr call this week The Difference YOU can make in a New Yearclick here to get the download

I just finished my New Year’s Intention 2 part class – so I’ve been assisting people from all over the world in getting clear about where they’re headed. You can get that audio and the transcript when you click here. – Today I’m in St. Louis supporting a beautiful group of ACIM Study Group Leaders to live the highest vision for their life. March 3rd I’ll be in San Francisco (Call to reserve your spot (415)621-2556).

If you’ve got a group, and you’d like me to come to your town and support you in doing this work – will you please just ask me? If I can get there, I will. I’m committed. This is my joy. And of course – there’s always my year-long Masterful Living 2012.

How will you use YOUR free will? How will you serve yourself and humanity this year? Will you be an example of Love unfolding or will you do more research on the pain of choosing thoughts of lack, attack and suffering?

If you feel like I’m in your face and being too direct, just know, Love has sent me to let you know, it will never let you go quietly to sleep in a happy dream of separation from your Divinity. Your true identity is ready and waiting for you to claim your inheritance. I’m a messenger, because I really do care and I’m willing to take the heat.

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