I AM Willing to Know the Truth that Sets Me Free!

January 18, 2012

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Often in life there are situations that confront me that I simply do not wish to look at. It used to be that my wanting to ignore usually came from a basic fear of the worst thing I could imagine. If I have the courage to look under the bed I can see that actually there is no ghost or monster there. If I ask my friend why I haven’t heard from him in a month we might learn that it’s not because of that last comment I made about his daughter, but instead that he’s worried about losing his job. As long as I’m afraid to look, my fear has a chance to ferment into hysteria, and that can feel intensely violent.

In his book TRAVELS, Michael Crichton writes, “We all can work ourselves into a hysterical panic over possibilities that we won’t look at. What if I have cancer? What if my kids are on drugs? What if I’m getting bald … And that hysteria always goes away the instant we are willing to hear the answer. Even if the answer is what we feared all along … Hysteria accompanies an unwillingness to look at what is really going on; it promotes an unwillingness to look, when actually it is not-looking that makes us afraid.”

Fear has one purpose, to get us to wake up to what a mistake it is to choose thoughts of separation from God, and from each other. Once we look at what we’re thinking, and examine whether or not it is real or a shadow, the hysteria dissipates and as Crichton points out, “the question becomes “What am I going to do about it?” With action comes relief and a sense of purpose.

Today I look at the things that frighten me most and put an end to the building hysteria, an end to the violence of my own making. “I once was blind, but now I see.” In having the courage to look I become a leader in my own life.


I AM willing to know the Truth that sets me free.

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  • Hi Jennifer…
    I want to thank you for the continuous love that you put out into the world everyday & I get the honor to read in my email. I look forward to this email and today’s was very much in alignment with the experience I have been calling forward for my souls growth. Tears flow but they are giving me such a gift in the moment of now.
    Love your work and prayers.
    Much love to you,

  • I pray and help help others in addiction recovery but so struggle myself with food abstinence and truly loving the person i am. I have struggled and suffered with my sexuality and want to end all this suffering and truly be the light worker i am meant to be. Am making a committment to truly be here in this life. I was sexually abused at age 3 and this has discolored everything in my life. I have been in the course of miracles study by myself and truly want more spiritual friends in my life. Geraldine 612/390/6491

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