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January 10, 2012

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Today marks the start of my 2 part New Year’s Intentions Tele-class (click here to learn more). This is always one of my favorite things to share. People get very excited about starting their new year off in a new way with a new vision and I love the passion!

Every year, some people set intentions and work with them all year, aligning their heart and mind and creating and achieving goals that support the fulfillment of their intention – and at the end of the year they have had AMAZING results.

Also every year, some people take the New Year’s Intentions Tele-class and do not do anything more. In fact, they completely forget what their intentions are. They never have any goals related to their intention and guess what? They don’t see any results! Their year is just a re-run.

What’s the difference between these two groups of people? Some are willing and some are not. Some have at least a little mustard seed of faith and are willing to apply themselves and the others don’t. There are always a group of people who take classes, buy books and read them and never apply anything they learn. In fact, I’ve been one of them. I’ve gone to great lengths in time, energy and expense to take a class and I never actually applied the teachings to my life. What a giant waste!

I’d like to make every minute count this year. I’m so excited about our New Year’s Intentions Tele-class and I cannot wait to see the results YOU get with it!

Of course, you don’t need my help to do this – here’s the main thing you can start with right now and go for it!

Tune into the highest possibility for your life. GET CLEAR. Have a clear intention for how you’d like to FEEL at the end of the year – what’s the highest aspiration of your HEART in terms of how you will be EXPERIENCING your life – not how it LOOKS, how it FEELS. What are 3 goals that you can set to support yourself in accomplishing that? Now nourish and nurture that every day this year. Don’t let it go!!

And if you’d like more support, register for my New Year’s Intentions Tele-class – we start today! Even if you can’t join me today you can always get the download and transcript and work them on your own! Be willing to have YOUR breakthrough year! Do everything you can to support yourself! GO FOR IT!



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  • Rev. Jennifer,

    I am so grateful for you and for the wonderful daily power prayer that reminds me that each day I have a choice as to how I choose to live my life.

    Thank you!

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