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January 7, 2012

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One of the main things I figured out that has helped me SO very much has been how to really get balanced in my life. This includes getting into integrity with myself.

I’ve been amazed at how much more ease and grace there is in my life since I put into application the spiritual teachings that I now share with others. I no longer feel like I’m running and rushing to catch up all the time.

If you have studying spiritual books and classes for many years, gathering lots of information, investing time and $$$, but you aren’t seeing results then it’s time for your to really apply what you’ve learned – that’s the missing step!

One basic thing I share is how valuable it’s been for me to stop managing situations, coping with circumstances and settling for dysfunction. In order to do this I had to learn how to work in the invisible realm of infinite possibility. I learn more about this every day because it’s so important to me. I keep working with it minute by minute. There is no resting on my laurels.

Let me give you an example: I used to have WAY too many things to do and I always felt burdened by it. When I was in my coping and managing strategy, I’d work and work and WORK until I was over-exhausted and then I’d do something that would just make it worse like stay up way too late watching an old movie I loved, or have a few glasses of wine to chillax me or I’d do something else which would then put me in a catch-up state the next day. The smart thing to do would have been to have NO glasses of wine, take a restorative bath with candlelight and essential oils (also cheaper) and go to bed early so I could at least have a hope of waking up refreshed. That would have been the loving choice.

Coping and managing is what I did when I didn’t really want to let Spirit into my life. I didn’t want to be spiritually mature and responsible. Who knew where that would end? It could lead me to a whole new life that I wasn’t prepared for!! If I wasn’t prepared for it, how the heck would I learn to manage and cope with it? I wouldn’t be able to, so I’d probably just crash and burn – or so I thought.

I let the fear of failure keep me from trying – but I wasn’t noticing that I was ALREADY FAILING. I was failing because I intended to live a spiritually expansive life, but I wasn’t letting myself do it!! I was stuck playing small, by my own choice, day after day. It was so uncomfortable.

And I justified it for years. YEARS. I had so many excuses of why I couldn’t deepen my practice and why I couldn’t stick to things and how if only I had more time I’d be able lead a balanced life or if only I had more $$ I’d have more time. I had totally succumbed to the illusion of separation and stuckness.

I learned that the only way out of that IS spiritual practice. Connection with God is the ONLY way to transform that level of stuckness. Without GOD as the driving force in your life you will stay there, digging in deeper and deeper into coping and managing strategies until your whole life becomes a big settlement for …. whatever’s on TV, and whatever’s in the fridge. Right?

I decided to Stop Playing Small and become Masterful. I decided to learn to work in the invisible because the field of Love Intelligence moves faster than lightning and always has my highest good at the top of the agenda. I’m still learning to do 90% of my work in the invisible and 10% in the world of form. I was exhausted from trying to MAKE things happen, and now I let them happen. I invite them and invoke them and receive them. Yes, I must be 100% mindful if I want 100% effectiveness, and that’s not easy to achieve. Yes, I no longer have the luxury of hiding or complaining or attacking and the good news is I don’t want to! I’m not available for that anymore!! I’m investing in a balanced wholesome life of LOVE.

And I’m inviting you to give yourself the very best of yourself and require that you stop managing and coping and instead get into your naturalness, into your luminous light being self and shed the ways of fear and separation you’ve become comfortable with. Require and inspire – require the change, inspire yourself to follow through.

It’s not easy. At times it’s gut-wrenchingly challenging, but what other choice is there? NOW IS OUR TIME! This is the Golden Age of Enlightenment unfolding and we’re awake enough to know what our part can be if we choose it!

I was the one that had to make the decision to really DO THIS, no one could do it for me. Is there anyone that can do it for you?

You CAN do it!! Maybe you already are. I am here to support you and walk with you if you want that.

Today’s Power Prayer for Living the Unprecedented Life is recycled from January 2, 2012 – (my voice is still not strong enough) click the player above to listen now.

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