Let’s Run Away Together

January 28, 2012

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Ok, I’m kidding – I don’t really want to run away! What I’m thinking is that it would be really wonderful to do a RETREAT at the beginning of spring this year – late March or April – maybe even Easter weekend. Before I start organizing and planning – I’m asking if you’d like to join me.

I’d like to offer a spiritual retreat – as I’ve done before – with an opportunity to deep healing, expansive, heart and mind opening work, plus have fun and play and time to restore and nurture. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I’m planning for a weekend in the Southern California area – within 2 hrs drive of Los Angeles and the L.A. airports. We’d start on a Friday and finish on a Sunday. Folks who had the time and inclination could come in earlier and have a couple of extra days.

I think I can organize something that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 to $500, including meals and accommodations, with options for different levels of comfort – single rooms, double rooms, that kind of thing. We can have some yoga, some meditation, and most importantly we can BE TOGETHER.

If this interests you – please comment on this blog post and let me know.
IF there are enough people interested, I’ll move forward.

I’m ready for a retreat, how about you???

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