Spiritual Focus

January 14, 2012

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The new year is still SO NEW!  I love it!  There’s such a sense of tremendous possibility right now.  And yet, I know that not everyone is feeling it.  

What I see all around me is that no matter where people are in their life the call to LOVE is so loud.  Those who are answering the call are getting a chance to see what their level of commitment is.  They’re getting to discover whether or not they can hold focus in Love.  It’s NOT EASY.  It’s intensely challenging, and like developing any useful ability, it’s SO WORTH IT!  

With a strong, open, loving heart comes balance, freedom, patience, kindness, ease, grace and so much more.  This is what seeking the Kingdom first is all about.  We focus on Love and open to receive our spiritual inheritance which IS balance, freedom, patience, kindness, ease, grace and so much more!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to hold your focus this year and step into the spiritual expansion you’ve been yearning for?

This year let’s get our priorities straight and really GO FOR IT! 


I AM focused in LOVE!


The Difference YOU Can Make in a Year! – Free Call Monday

I’ve rescheduled the postponed free call “The Difference YOU Can Make in a Year” to Monday, January 16th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at 9am Pacific, 11 Central, Noon Eastern, 5pm London. If you are registered already you’ll be receiving the access info – if you have not registered you can still register for free now: click here.


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