Stepping UP!

January 6, 2012

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Stepping Up!:

Today, I’m recycling another prayer from last year as my voice is still resting.

Everyone has been talking for some time now about the Divine opportunities available to us in this 2012 New Year. The time for talking is over and now we’ve got to pay attention!

Everyone I am connecting with is either taking advantage of this Divine push, or they’re fiercely avoiding it. Most of us are having a similar experience: stuff is UP!

Over the holidays many people made vows to be more loving and connected with their families and found that they were more entrenched in the old patterns than they realized. Some advanced spiritual students are busy forgiving themselves and moving on without taking any responsibility and without taking stock. And thus the cycle repeats.

We must be vigilant for Love if we are to get through this time of en-lightening without crashing and burning. You have to be invested and engaged. Where is your attention?

Are you paying attention to your warning signals?
Are you glossing over your intuitions and pretending you don’t feel what you feel and hear what you hear?
Are you busy being busy when it’s time to go inward and reflect?

What are you up to?
What is possible for you in 2012?
Do you know what your first steps are?
Are you taking them or waiting on something?

There are many questions we all need to answer now.
Be sure YOU are asking the right questions.


I AM waking UP!


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  1. Goodmorning, Some how i missed Paul Ferrini talk that Rev. Jennifer refers to in her message, not prayer. Is therea way that i can still access his talk. Thank you, susan lynn

    1. Hello Susan,

      The Paul Ferrini talk that Jennifer mentions in the prayer was a part of the first Living A Course in Miracles class that she held last year. You can find out information about the packages related to that program here: copy/paste or click this link to go to the page that will tell you about the packages so you can get access to that particular talk. You can also get access to free replays and downloads of Jennifer’s radio show where she has interviewed Colin Tipping, Paul Scheele, Karen Russo and others.

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