The Path of Surrender

January 29, 2012

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To many people, when they hear the word “surrender” they think of giving up and that means failure. Or they think of surrendering to someone who is going to dominate them.

Surrender definitely means giving up, and giving over – and they way I like to think of it is this: I’m giving UP. I’m giving over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

I like the way that Ralph Waldo Emerson said it, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits.”

Another way that I have found SO helpful when I’m experiencing a challenge or an attachment is, I consider the opportunity to make a holy offering of the attachment – this is definitely a surrender. In making it a holy offering, I’m focused on my relationship with the Divine. I’m recognizing that I’m a spiritual being and I’m facilitating having a powerful and beautiful human experience of life in 3D.

In making a holy offering of any attachments I have, I’m surrendering the little will – the ego – in favor of recognizing that there is this magnificent Kingdom that is pre-installed and instead of thinking I need something outside of myself, I’m more interested in looking within and discovering the unlimited nature of my true identity as a spiritual being.

Next time you are feeling challenged, see if there’s something you can surrender in the form of a holy offering – perhaps an opinion or judgment, some attachment to being right or wrong. It’s a powerful spiritual practice that keeps us aligned with Divine Will.


Let Thy will be mine. My heart is aligned with Love.

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  1. Rev. Jennifer, Thank you! What you’ve shared is such wonderful timing. I have been looking at acceptence, allowing and reminding myself that love is freedom. When we surrender, we are letting our Higher Holy Self take control of the driving. We will be led down a beautiful path of love. Blessings to you!

  2. Dear Jennifer, Thank you for being my prayer partner. Your message today was so synchronized with the study today in the Course of Miracles group. When I truly surrender my suffering to the I AM Presence within, I experience such joy. I’m practicing everyday to reach my “tipping point” so it will become by default mode! You are an inspiration to my aspiration. Love, Light and Laughter. Gwendie

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