Breakdown or Breakthrough: You choose

January 26, 2012

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Yesterday, the first of three Stop Playing Small classes, I was sharing that I’d come to the realization that the purpose of self-sabotage is to slow our spiritual growth down – big time! And, it works! It works really, really well.

For me, it’s so helpful to recognize what the self-sabotage is really for. Many of us, when we engage in self-sabotage we simply go to the place of thinking that we’re stupid, we’re idiots, there’s something wrong with us and we can’t be trusted – we’re Losers with a capital L. But that’s not true.

We’re actually really good at slowing down our spiritual progress. We’re SUCCESSFUL at getting in our own way. That’s why it seems like the spiritual path is 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps back, 1 step forward, 2 steps back, etc. There’s a strong pattern of resistance and reluctance and I believe that it is our Divine destiny to HEAL this pattern and share the benefits with all humanity!!!

The invitation I offer you is to contemplate what you think about self-sabotage and it’s purpose in your life – how do you experience it? Of what use is it to YOU? Is it possible for you to transform and heal the pattern? What do you believe is possible for YOU?

It’s really worth taking into contemplation and working with. The answers come when we’re willing to ask the questions of the Higher Holy Spirit Self rather than just think the same old thoughts we’ve been thinking.

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Stop Playing Small

Many spiritual students are light workers who feel called to step up and share their gifts and talents in ways that are profoundly fulfilling for themselves and everyone their lives touch. And yet they keep holding back. If that feels familiar, maybe it’s time to break through to the life you dream of! Find out how in this three-week tele-class—click here to learn more. Stop Playing Small is the second of three tele-classes that are included in the Masterful Living curriculum. If you’re interested in more than one, you might simply sign up for Masterful Living and see if it’s right for you. Click here to watch the Masterful Living videos.


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  • I think you’ve nailed it Jennifer. I can see how my self-sabotage is a way I slow my spiritual progress. So now, whenever I find myself using the “L” word or putting myself down in anyway I will step back and consider the source. I will heal this pattern one thought at a time and remember I am not here to play small. I do not serve anyone by playing small. My learning to be who I truly am is what will serve all.

    Thank you for all you do to pass along these lessons. I cannot afford your Masterful Living this year so all the free information is so valuable to me.

    I value you and all that you and your support people do to re-mind us all!



  • Dear Jennifer, Thank you for this message. It never occurred to me that self sabotage itself was a “pattern” to be healed. I see this so differently now. I see it from a much broader perspective and it feels possible to heal from that vantage point. I got chills when I read this and had to sit back for a moment and breath through it. Thank you so much for this eye opener.
    Much Love to you 🙂

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