Unprecedented Life of LOVE

January 2, 2012

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“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra

Although I sometimes find myself dwelling in the past, the truth is that my Holy Self knows no precedence and isn’t bound by circumstances of any kind. Spirit is not bound by the past. When I’m anchored in my intention I don’t slip into expecting the past to reoccur over and over again. I’ve learned that dwelling in the past is often related to remembering a past hurt and feeling afaid to repeat it. When I choose to energize that feeling of fear with my attention I’ve surely lost my mind. All fear thoughts are insane and make me feel crazy.

It’s crazy for me to expect the future to be like the past. Divine nature is unprecedented, not based on circumstances or experiences of any kind. Spirit is lawful and cannot be circumvented. The Creative Law of the universe isn’t bound by space or time and neither am I. And yet, sometimes I lose my mind and slip into thinking that I am limited by whatever circumstance I’ve given my attention to.

If I’m feeling fearful, judgmental, opinionated, offended, angry or upset it means I’ve managed to drag the past with me and hold it right in front of me as the focus of my attention. In that moment I’ve lost my mind. I’ve literally lost control over my attention and that’s why I feel like a victim of circumstance.

When I’m no longer interested in mentally dwelling in the past I AM free of past circumstances. It is then that I AM free to live in an unprecedented way, with an unprecedented future. I am available for quantum leaps only, and I do mean ONLY when I decide to be free of yesterday. I don’t waste time wondering how. I give the heavy lifting to the Holy Self and I AM free, right then. Praise God.

It’s my aspiration to live beyond precedence and play quantum leapfrog. It’s my strong intention to have a mind so facile, so present in the now moment that I am always available for transcending precedence and circumstance in order to love fully, create fully and celebrate the glory of the Beloved fully.

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I live in Love NOW!


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  1. Dear Jennifer – Thank you so very much for sharing these prayers, and for reaching out with love to all of us (who are, of course, really only ONE). No matter how many times I stumble on my journey, your Daily Power Prayer helps me start my day on a spiritual path.

    Today`s message really resonated with me, although perhaps not for the reasons you listed. I often hold on to the past too tightly, not with anger, but with nostalgia and painful longing for what used to be. I am a 78 year old widow and, although I have grandchildren nearby and a large extended family, I have experienced the loss of many loved ones in recent years. When I allow loneliness and fear to move into my heart, your messages help remind me that there is no past, just the present moment. I do believe that one of the big challenges for me right now, no matter what bodily changes and losses take place as I draw closer to the end of my present life, is to live with joy and love every day NOW. THANK YOU for your loving help!!
    Lucy Wong

  2. The comments about energizing past fears spoke to me as I do that a lot and it has been holding me back from being fully alive and to be able to move forward in my business. I have restarted reading and doing the lessons in ACIM and look forward to your Masterful Living course.

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